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The making of our jewelry started from original design our artists sketched to pour idea & inpirations into beautiful pieces. These pictures are some offart special design that inspired from event thing. We observe in nature and centainly balinese culture passed from generations of generations. Through jewelry pieces, we proudly introduce balinese enriched culture to people of the world.


Wax worker carves and shapes waxes into 3D wax models the original drawing. These models will be preasely like the master mold to work with the wax models injected by Wax is used Beacuse its shape during process.


Silversmith started with casting wax models, equipped with the latest tools to make a real shape of silver jewelry. This works need high level accuracy & practical skills. Make steps to finish cold rise according to how difficult the details on a jewelry are annealing is metal/silver softening process by that treatment to such critical temprature and allowed it to cool down slowly, before you worked on it.


Setting the stones to sit perfectly in its setting on the jewelry. As the final step jewelry will be polished to actieve a bright sheen.