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For us, Bali has been a source of unlimited inspirations. Every detail from Bali has always been interesting object to be transformed into jewelries. Since our first creation, we never omit to put the greatness of Bali’s culture and nature into the pieces. Bali is not only the place where we create the jewelry, we also bring Bali’s heritage into our products and proudly present it to the world.


Bali’s nature has given us abundant ideas to create a lot of beautiful things and there is still more and more to explore further. Can you imagine where our company is located? Our studio is overlooking green paddy terraces that pleases your sight, with the refreshing sound of flowing river surrounding our studio. These wonderful scenes show us how we should treat them. They also teach us how to appreciate every single thing we see every day.


Bali has long known by its culturally rich and vibrant art and craft works. Its unique culture never fails to draw tourist attention for centuries. No one will ever get bored with Bali, with its very long list of rituals, attractions, ceremonies, not to mention the myths and legends too. Precious culture that equals to the luxury of precious metal, like silver and gold. By putting Balinese culture into our jewelry, you can bring this special uniqueness along with you any time you like.