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In the very beginning, young Deni was very curious about his ancestor’s tradition of making silver jewelry and the continuity of silver jewelry manufacture in Bali. Bali has been long known as an island with outstanding culture in arts and crafts, like wood carving, painting, fabric making, and silversmithing. Many of Balinese people are a very skilled silversmith. Balinese silver jewelries also recognized to have a unique look from its use of antiquing to induce some patterned tarnish. Antiquing of the base of the jewelry will make the motif stands out.

He first learnt to design silver jewelries in some manufacturers in Bali. After few years, in 2007 Deni decided to make his own company, Deni Jewelry. By starting his, he wished that there will be more local people join him in the industry. At that time, the number of Balinese people who worked as silversmith turning lesser every year, which become what he’s most concerned about. This rare skill was definitely a certain kind that should be passed on from generation to generation. Such irony.

Then he gathered and educated some local people, mostly young men, to learn this ancient skill of making silver jewelry from scratch. Since then, Deni and his small yet solid team work sustainably to bring the glory of the Balinese silver craftsmanship in the past, while fulfilling demands from jewelry lovers around the world.

With the unique characteristic of Balinese culture that so much related with its myths and philosophy, Deni Jewelry not just presents you the beauty of an artwork, but also inspiring stories behind every precious piece.