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Silver bracelet, kick cuff with scale dragon motif, hammer motif and white topaz pave stones

$ 406.00
  • White Topaz Round Natural 1.5 - Qty 46 pcs
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  • Silver 66g


In Bali, Dragon has been a sacred symbol for Balinese people. There was many story regarding dragon in balinese legend. from the formation of bali island, the making of Mountain Agung and the formation of Bali strait.

Dragon symbolise natural harmony, where nature will give us anything that we need and they could take it back directly from us.

It says that they are destined to live and manage earth, to keep earth safe, harmonise un balance system. They also came with great power, wisdom, and would give wealthiness to everyone that the dragon could see as a noble person with kind hearted and good purpose.

Presenting the wisdom, elegance power, rarely collection come with fancy gold accent, make Dragon scale motif as our heritage signature style from Deni Bali Jewelry Collection.


wahyu purnama Verified Buyer

Ukraine  Indonesia

I absolutely adore this silver bracelet! The kick cuff design with the scale dragon motif and hammer motif adds a unique and edgy touch to the overall look. The white topaz pave stones give it a glamorous sparkle. The craftsmanship is impeccable, and the bracelet feels sturdy and well-made. The size is adjustable, making it comfortable to wear. It's the perfect accessory to make a bold fashion statement. I highly recommend this silver bracelet to anyone looking for a standout piece of jewelry!

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