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Gold & Silver pendant with Citrine, Puzzle and Balinese variation motif

  • Citrine Oval Natural 7x9 - Qty 1 pcs
  • Cubic Zirconia Round Zircon 1.5 - Qty 25 pcs
Product Detail
  • Gold 0.175g
  • Silver 16g

PUZZLE Collection

This collection evolved from the owner of Deni Jewellery’s experience. Deni himself feel this life, the life that all human had, was just a big maze consist of huge puzzle of decision and choices. Step by step we will complete our puzzle and when it finish we could reach our goal, our freedom and integrity.

He wanted to share to people what he felt when all the problem in your life came up and destroy almost anything. But if we can see life as a big picture, the puzzle in our life will become a beautiful pattern.

Solid art slick rhythm of pattern made of sterling silver and 18k gold. Only ourself could know the answer, only ourself could help our own life.

Own it, your life is all yours.

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